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Frequently Asked Questions ?

If you have completed any of the tracks mentioned in the Prize Rules section and are eligible for prizes, then you will get them delivered to you after the program is finished.

note that as per the prize rules , you will only get the prizes for any 1 milestone i.e. either for Prize #1 (Complete any 1 track) or Prize #2. (Complete both the tracks).

Please note that in order to get the prizes, you need to complete the skill badges your enrol and before 27th October 2021 11.59 PM IST. Any skill badges completed before or after that won't be counted.

Note that we DO NOT allow changes to be made to the enrolment form once its closed. Though you can still reach out to your "Facilitators" and share the correct information with them. They can share that information with us and we can then decide to update the details or not based on the type of request.

Once the program ends and if you will be eligible for the prizes, then you will receive a special URL using which you can order the schwags and get them delivered to your chosen address.

You can try the following solutions:

• Here is a helpful video created by one of our facilitators that will tell you how to get the credits.
• If you have just completed the lab, then please wait for a few minutes and refresh your chrome browser tab a few times.
• Start the lab again wait for 5 minutes and end the lab and then check again. • Reach out to your Facilitator and they will help you here.
• Reach out to the Qwiklabs Chat support via the Qwiklabs home page. (You will need to click on the help button "?" alongside your profile icon on the top right corner when logged-in in order to access chat support)
• Just drop an email to
7. I accidently deleted my Qwikalbs Public profile and now the URL of the profile is changed. How should I udpate my details?

If the enrolment form is now closed and you are not able to update your new profile URL, then simply share it with your facilitators and ask them to share it with us and we will update the details for you.

Find the instructions to get the link to your Qwiklabs Public Profile here or you can

just follow the steps given below. Here's what it should look like -
1. Log-in to Quiklabs.
2. Once logged-in, then go to Profile_Activity.
3. Now click on the blue button "Make profile public" besides your account picture and then "Make Profile Public" if there's a pop-up.
4. Give some time for the page to load. Once it loads, you will be on your profile page. Now just share the browser URL below. (That's your profile URL)

If in step 3, you did not see the button to make your profile public, then go to and start the "A Tour of Qwiklabs and Google Cloud" lab. (Spend at least 5 minutes) Once done, come back to and the button will be enabled now.